By David Hand, Vice President, Orasi Labs

It’s said you can never step in the same river twice. The constraints of the world in which we now live and work have made that maxim even more pertinent. Employers and employees are being forced to rethink how they do business.

While an agile workforce has always needed an on-demand virtual training option, current restrictions and remote working mandates make it a must have. For some organizations, this new work paradigm is nothing new. Virtual learning industry growth was expected (pre-pandemic) to approach $329B by 2022*, although we now anticipate that figure to increase dramatically.

For others, whether an employee (student) or corporate instructor, virtual application training is unchartered waters. Either way, more organizations are taking advantage of on-demand, collaborative eLearning labs that accelerate retention and productivity, while reducing the inefficiency, cost and in-person requirements of traditional teaching methods.

Enhancing the virtual learning experience

Whether courses are instructor-led, on-demand or provide virtual training support, enterprises are taking advantage of cloud-based scalable teaching platforms, as well as configurable policies and delivery methods, that can meet any business and learning need. Instructors are delivering the highest quality content without wasting time configuring complex training environments, so students can achieve maximum knowledge retention and immediately apply what they have learned to the workplace. Interested students translate to eager learners, speeding application software adoption and solidifying employee engagement.

The OrasiLabs solution was built cloud-native leveraging AWS to provide superior performance and scalability to train more students, faster, at an affordable price. Its all-inclusive, consumption-based pricing model provides everything an organization needs to quickly get started, with no add-ons and hidden costs.

OrasiLabs helps drive internal adoption by delivering hands-on software application training that encourages engagement and is mindful of organizational policies. Instructor led, on-site and virtual on-demand scenarios, as well as “over-the-shoulder” administrative functions, create real-world experiences. Customer, partner and employee training sessions are improved by OrasiLabs’ virtual environments. Workshop-style training and product labs training at tradeshows, events and user conferences are simple to execute.

“OrasiLabs is a flexible, unique hands-on training experience that helps our Neotys customers get the most value for learning our products through a simple, browser-based learning environment,” said Bill Nicholson, VP of Customer Success – North America for Neotys. “Neotys has worked hard over the years to fine-tune our delivery of training with a consistent and repeatable process. Now, thanks to utilizing OrasiLabs, this challenge has been solved. OrasiLabs provides a fast, scalable, easy training solution that gives Neotys a clear and focused way of selling and delivering all our training needs.”

OrasiLabs saves time, reduces overhead costs and automates processes to simplify the delivery of application training, and provides an enhanced learning experience for everyone. To see what it can do for your business, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

*Allied Market Research, Virtual Training and Simulation report, Nov. 2019.

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