See it. Try it. Apply it.

Cloud-based virtual training labs enable you to efficiently provide realistic, consistent, and reusable hands-on environments for your students.
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Consistent. Convenient.

OrasiLabs saves time, reduces overhead costs, and automates processes to simplify the delivery of application training and provide an enhanced learning experience for all students.

OrasiLabs’ powerful virtual training solution lets instructors and course developers focus on what matters most – creating and delivering engaging content. No more manual time setting up technology or relying on your IT team to spin up and take down one-off complex training environments.

Increase Profits

  • Flexible cloud resources to meet intermittent demand
  • Scale up as needed and only pay for resources used
  • Train more students, faster, efficiently and effectively to increase profits

Reduced Dependancy on IT Resources

  • Configurable policies to meet compliancy and regulatory constraints
  • Easily create reusable environments via an intuitive interface

Enhance Learning Experiences

  • “Over the shoulder” assistance from instructor
  • Consistent and predictable lab environments accessible with only an internet browser

Increase Instructor Efficiency

  • Monitor student progress for all hands on exercises
  • Easily manage hands on exercises with predictable lab environments

Prepare for the Real World

Students accessing an application in the OrasiLabs environment, not only learn the concept, they can see it, try it, and apply it in real-world scenarios on the spot.

Whether instructor-led, on-demand, or virtual training, students have the tools needed to learn AND experience the material. This hands-on experience provides greater engagement and understanding of the application, so students are better prepared.

Do You Ever…

  • Find it hard to create a consistent lab environment that meets all of your needs?
  • Rely on IT resources that may not always be available to focus on training setup?
  • Lack the necessary hardware and software needed to support your course delivery?
  • Feel like you are ‘reinventing the wheel’ each time you set up a new training environment?
  • Get frustrated trying to figure out the complexity of cloud providers?
  • Find yourself spending more time dealing with the technology than the course materials, or student interaction?
  • Wish you had the ability to provide more interactive, meaningful hand-on scenarios to enhance the learning experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should explore the OrasiLabs difference.