Tailored Solutions for Hands-on Software Experiences

Ensure real-world, valuable software learning experiences for your organization.

Deploy Interactive Software Training
Tailored to your Industry

Training and Consulting Firms

Educate, train, and certify clients more efficiently with a powerful software training platform designed to be adapted to your business needs.

With OrasiLabs, reach more customers, partners, and employees across the globe, so you can grow training programs and maximize revenue opportunities.

Drive and expand additional revenue streams from training programs and consulting practices

Minimize physical and geographical limitations and reach more customers and end-users

Enable standardized, consistent, and repeatable creation of environments

Eliminate manual IT overhead for set up and configuration to create more cost-effective experiences

Deliver hassle-free, effective software training with an advanced cloud-based, hands-on software training platform

Enable Experiential Training for Continuous Learning, Upskilling, and Reskilling

Save time, reduce overhead costs, and automate processes to simplify the delivery of hands-on application training worldwide, expanding your geographic footprint

Simple, easy-to-use, cloud-based access to virtual lab environments with advanced features to meet elastic training needs

Reduce manual IT overhead for set up and configuration of machines and templates

Software Vendors

Embrace an agile and automated approach to deliver hands-on software experiences, from new products to feature upgrades.

Train your customers and partners effectively, driving software adoption, customer stickiness, and retention.

Create a hands-on experience while training your sales team and customers on software applications

Enhance software adoption, stickiness in customer organizations, and long-term retention

Drive additional revenue streams by scaling training programs and maximizing revenue opportunities

Say goodbye to inconsistent training processes and delivery methods and swiftly adjust for remote training

Increase product adoption and customer retention across product lines

Improve customer experience and reduce support issues with more knowledgeable customers

Create world-class software experiences for your customers with an advanced cloud-based hands-on software training lab platform

Train End-Users, Drive Product Adoption and Enable Customer Success

Deliver seamless training consistently across multiple audiences and multiple product lines

Sell and deliver remote training in a simplified approach that is reusable, repeatable, and deployable across geographic territories

Gain the flexibility of creating infrastructures for learning experience without the need for physical resources

Control costs with an affordable pay-as-you-go option that offers flexibility for fluctuating training needs


From onboarding to role-based software training to continuing education, our hands-on training labs allow you to standardize and deploy software training more efficiently than ever.

Deliver hands-on training to team members across your organization, regardless of where they are located. Train your healthcare workforce on EHR, HMS, ERP, Medical Billing software, and other essential software applications that run your busines.

Healthcare Solutions

Standardize training across distributed systems and networks including all locations, campuses, and offices worldwide

Eliminate physical space, resource, and cost barriers to training in mass to augment physical training with virtual options

Speed time to training for onboarding new residents, staff, admin, and physicians

Educate and drive product adoption of EHR, Billing, and other key systems to enhance user productivity

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Help your Healthcare Teams Embrace Technology Like Never Before

Take your healthcare application training to the next level with an advanced cloud-based, hands-on software training platform

Accelerate onboarding and upskilling for health system staff with a flexible, scalable training solution and a hands-on software learning experience

Empower instructors to interact and engage directly with students (over-the-shoulder) to ensure they understand critical material and processes upholding quality-of-care standards

Simulate a more realistic learning environment that encourages engagement, increases knowledge retention, and ultimately prepares students for real-world scenarios critical in a healthcare setting


Enhance and accelerate enterprise software application training through a hands-on, activity-based platform.

Create a customized learning experience for your workforce, partners, and customers to train them on your systems.


Enterprise Solutions

Bring agility and customization to your training programs

Minimize your training costs and enhance impact to drive a clear value of your learning and development (L&D) initiatives

Train your team on internal systems effectively, minimizing the risk associated with training on critical applications

Deliver internal employee or partner training with hands-on labs that are secure and easy to integrate with your other training systems

Manage and Accelerate Training Performance with Hand-on Labs

Improve and accelerate onboarding for new customers, partners, and employees

Provide personalized learning experiences that are engaging with direct hands-on, activity-based access to software applications and over-the-shoulder viewing

Streamline process to deliver cost-effective, consistent virtual solution to meet yourbroad training needs

Simplify delivery with a secure software training environment where all assets are protected and managed within a dedicated Amazon account

Experience the Power of
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