Deliver Software Application Training Like Never Before

Create realistic, consistent, and reusable hands-on learning environments with cloud-based software application training labs.

Easy-to-setup .  Easy-to-access . Easy-to-integrate

Amp-up Your Software Training with OrasiLabs

Onsite .  Virtual . Hybrid . On-demand

Empower your trainers

  • Monitor learner progress for all hands-on exercises
  • Easily manage hands-on activities in predictable lab environments

Enhance learning experiences

  • “Over the shoulder” assistance from an instructor
  • Consistent lab environments accessible via only a browser

Minimize IT dependency

  • Configurable policies to meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Easily create secure, reusable environments via an intuitive interface

Reduce hardware and software costs

  • Flexible cloud resources to meet intermittent demand
  • Scale-up as needed and only pay for resources used

Deliver Modern Hands-on Software
Training Experiences

Hands-on Lab

Learner Experience

Hands-on training with no setup needed; requires only a browser and Internet connection

Customizable interface with your brand, logo, and company name

Easy contact with an instructor via chat, email, or hand-raise for assistance

Automatically send registration emails with individual access information and a link to test connectivity

Quick access to additional files and class materials

User sandboxes and picture-in-picture views for interactive training

Live Instructor Led

Instructor Experience

Over-the-shoulder view to monitor the activity of the entire class in one view

Take control of learner’s environment to provide additional instruction or assistance

Use integrated conferencing features or specific collaboration tools of choice (Teams, Zoom, etc.)

Track email invitations, connection tests, and student participation

Easily roll-back or replicate learning environments

Live Instructor Led
Hands-on Training

Deployment Experience

Monitor and control cloud charges

Connect OrasiLabs to other tools via interoperable API to provide flexibility and fit into your technology stack

Define usage limits

Create reusable templates created with wizard or drag/drop interface

Define organizational policies to ensure a consistent experience

Control user access with configurable security policies

Gain the Flexibility of the Cloud

Fill the gaps in today’s traditional training experience.
Provide easy access to real-world, hands-on environments.

Fit instructor-led, on-demand,
in-person or virtual training

Provide consistent and reusable hands-on training environments 

Leverage the power and scalability of AWS with an intuitive interface

Gain access to built-in cost
control and clear
visibility into charges

Monitor and easily control
access with definable security

Integrate your LMS, CRM, or other learning systems’ training activities seamlessly.

Experience the Power of
Modern Cloud-based Training

Learn how you can take your software applications training to
the next level with OrasiLabs’ cloud-based virtual training labs.