In 2022, the reasons why we’ve been thrust into an age of remote work, virtual training and hybrid cloud environments will be buried on page-two. Above the page-one fold will remain a shortlist of required factors that’ll ensure software development success:

(1) the solidification of DevSecOps as an irrefutable driver of business value; and

(2) the need for organizations to effectively train, worldwide, on applications.

DevSecOps accelerates software application delivery, adoption through automation

There has been a long-awaited increase in focus on AppSec as part of DevOps (i.e. the rise of DevSecOps). Orasi customers, partners and prospects talk constantly about the need for security data integration and centralized dashboarding to provide better visibility for enterprise application security management.

With globally distributed teams, automation remains the best bet in terms of streamlining DevSecOps and collaboration to ensure distributed resources are communicating/working effectively. Teams will step up the breaking down of siloed AppDev functions and adopt a more complete end-to-end pipeline automation approach that puts deserved emphasis on application security, testing, data and monitoring — all vital elements to achieving peak performance of multiple interrelated systems and ensuring throughput.

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