A virtual lab is a full-fledged, featured interface. It can test code, provide life-like experiment exposures, provide virtual training for product use, and many other applications. In effect, it is a real lab, but with the advantage of being electronic. Hence, the simulation-based experiments are safer and impart the same or even higher-level learning to the student.

You can make a virtual lab using tools like Docker or Virtual box. They can help you set up a simple machine for basic uses like testing an app. You can also use a public cloud to run your application.

But as a business you need advanced virtual labs that can replicate the production environment that runs on hardware that is probably not owned by your company. Advanced labs also require enterprise-level support. With OrasiLabs you can access such a virtual lab without the headache of creating one. It comes with advanced features including-

  • Cloud-native, elastic environments with reusable templates
  • Scalable platform to accommodate organizations of any size
  • Student-friendly set-up and access to hands-on activities
  • “Over-the-shoulder” view for instructors to take control of student machines as necessary
  • Flexibility to leverage your existing cloud account or Orasi’s account
  • Instructor friendly interface to efficiently schedule and deliver classes