SaaS stands for Software as a Service— all you need to access the applications is a browser.  The applications that you need do not have to be downloaded on a device. It is also called ‘on-demand’ or ‘web-based’ service. The user does not need to purchase or manage any additional software/hardware to use it. The access to such software may be regulated, but one just needs an internet connection for it to work.

Virtual SaaS training labs allow the learner to use their computer system to access the training module while allowing the trainer to control the session and giving them oversight. Each student accesses their own hands-on environment, the system is theirs and using the platform provided by the virtual SaaS training labs, the instructor and students come together to work together and communicate. Further, these labs offer “over the shoulder” viewing for the instructors to take over the learner’s system as needed to help students.