By: David Hand, VP of DevOps Sales at Orasi Software

Functionality, scalability, preservation of resources are key priorities

For all the reasons why it feels great to catch a ballgame live with friends is why HIMSS buzzed with energy. Colleagues from hospital systems, software providers, ISVs, medical suppliers, and more were there to strategize about the continued transformation of global healthcare and services.

Much of the chatter centered on how to sustain virtual training options companies put in place at the height of the pandemic. Those we spoke with confirmed that the return to fully in-person wasn’t likely as the train anyone, anywhere, any time option of eLearning labs proved faster, easier, and more effective for retention, skill building, and onboarding (not to mention was also more economical).

However, it seemed a shift to a truly effective hybrid model was still in flux. Three areas of particular focus – functionality, scalability, preservation of resources – rose to the surface in discussions. This didn’t surprise Orasi as companies across industries have made those key priorities for training and development programs in 2022. However, many acknowledged the healthcare industry has been in need of modern technology solutions for training for some time and had it not been for COVID the move would not have been as swift.

The collaborative, easy to use all-in-one platform and virtual training environment that includes integrated real-time conferencing, an “over the shoulder” instructor view to monitor and track student progress to elevate the experience, and simple intuitive interface for course delivery set OrasiLabs apart from others on the HIMSS show floor. OrasiLabs continues to be in high demand from hospitals and healthcare systems, as it yields tangible returns on functionality, scalability, and resource preservation objectives. Its agile, feature-rich, automated approach to delivering hands-on virtual training empowers trainers and software vendors to grow programs and revenue opportunities by quickly training and educating more employees, contractors, partners, and vendors across a distributed workforce. 

OrasiLabs is driving software adoption and retention, increasing ROI and training/development confidence, and reducing human and technology costs associated with delivering effective virtual application training.