By: Karen Spencer, OrasiLabs Product Manager

With learning and development, today’s professionals have reaped benefits like no other generation before. Today, they can learn anything, anytime, anywhere, and from anyone they want. The best part is, they can also learn in any way they want.

Yes, the landscape of learning has expanded with diverse formats in the last few years. Learning is no longer confined to a rigid schedule or structure. Here are some new ways of learning that have emerged as strong and well adopted options by learners and instructors alike.

Various kinds of learning

Online learning: This mode of learning enables learning through virtual tools and Internet-based platforms. There’s no need to stay in a fixed place or with a schedule. One can leverage the advantages of self-paced learning and complete learning goals while being a working professional, or even while learning other tools simultaneously.

Distance learning: When a student learns a course from an institute or organization in a different geographical region, then the concept of distance learning applies. Here, the learner benefits from learning from the experts and can obtain certifications without having to go to that campus or location. Physical convenience and cost-efficiency are hallmarks of the distance learning approach.

Remote learning: A corollary of distance learning and remote learning integrates online learning avenues with distance learning traits. The learner can sign up for training from any location – no matter how remote – and can use technology to stay well-tuned to real-time learning. Here, the learner can be in the same virtual room or session as the instructor at the same time. The learner can also interact and collaborate with other learners. Projects and assignments can flow as per the training’s progress. Also, the advantages of the cloud-native model and sophisticated features help augment the overall cost-effectiveness and engagement.

New ways, new impact

While every learner could find some specific form of learning apt as per one’s requirements, budget, career goals, and access factors, a good option for most cases would be the use of a tech-savvy virtual lab that can serve diverse learning models.

Good-quality virtual labs,

  • Make remote learning fun and flexible for both the learner and instructor,
  • Work well for various learners whether they prefer distance learning or blended learning, or online learning,
  • Increase engagement levels with their smart tools,
  • Add to time, scheduling, and agility aspects in a big way and
  • Work perfectly for both academic needs and professional learning and development courses.

Online learning has gained a lot of traction in the last two to three years.

A lot of corporate up-skilling and professional training plus certifications are being done today with these new-age learning models. The rise of remote work from anywhere, the high cost of onsite training, and access issues have pushed many learners to the avenues of technology-enabled learning.

Especially after the pandemic, there has been a significant spike in these ways of learning. They check all the boxes – affordability, convenience, flexibility, and knowledge optimization. Now, a new tool or a software application can be mastered in a short span of time and without leaving one’s desk. As a modern learner, enjoy the luxury of anytime, anywhere, and any-mode learning by leveraging some latest tools and opportunities. The world is, literally, your playground.