Cloud-based, hands-on modern learning labs increase engagement, knowledge retention

ATLANTA and KENNESAW, Ga. – Apr. 28, 2020 – OrasiLabs, the train anyone, anywhere, anytime cloud-based hands-on learning lab solution, announced an engaging new training environment for software application instructors and students at independent software vendors and companies. OrasiLabs also provided customers and partners with counsel on virtual learning industry growth approaching $329B by 2022*, noting demand is high for collaborative training labs that accelerate retention and productivity, while reducing the inefficiency and cost of traditional teaching methods.

“Even before remote working pandemic mandates went into effect, cloud-based, hands-on learning environments that motivate students, increase knowledge and speed adoption, while making it easy for instructors to facilitate training from anywhere at any time, have taken eLearning to the next level,” said David Hand, VP at OrasiLabs. “A global, mobile workforce requires companies in every vertical provide flexible, superior learning experiences, especially given the constant evolution of software applications they’re asked to know and use.”

OrasiLabs is an AWS cloud-native, comprehensive learning lab solution to train and collaborate with groups of any size, in any location, at any time – with minimal manual effort. It empowers instructors to deliver the highest quality content without wasting time configuring complex training environments, so students can achieve maximum knowledge retention and immediately apply what they have learned to the workplace.

“OrasiLabs is a flexible, unique hands-on training experience that helps our Neotys customers get the most value for learning our products through a simple, browser-based learning environment,” said Bill Nicholson, VP of Customer Success – North America for Neotys. “Neotys has worked hard over the years to fine-tune our delivery of training with a consistent and repeatable process. Now, thanks to utilizing OrasiLabs, this challenge has been solved. OrasiLabs provides a fast, scalable, easy training solution that gives Neotys a clear and focused way of selling and delivering all our training needs.”

OrasiLabs is a subsidiary of Orasi Software, a leading DevOps technology and consulting firm, and drives software application adoption and retention through interactive on-demand training in modern labs. OrasiLabs saves time, reduces overhead costs and automates processes to simplify the delivery of application training, and provides an enhanced learning experience for everyone.


About OrasiLabs

OrasiLabs is the train anyone, anywhere, anytime cloud-based hands-on learning lab solution that fills the gaps created by traditional training methods. Its secure, scalable, SaaS-based environment meets the on-demand training needs of any enterprise and its mobile workforce, while reducing a reliance on IT resources. OrasiLabs saves time and costs by automating processes that simplify the delivery of application training for instructors and provides a superior learning experience for students.


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