LAS VEGAS and KENNESAW, GA. – Oct. 26, 2022 – OrasiLabs, the cloud-based hands-on virtual software application training platform, today announced new interoperability features that provide an even more advanced learning experience through its virtual lab environment. By seamlessly integrating with any LMS and LXP with a button-click, OrasiLabs continues to set the standard for software application training platforms for companies, instructors and learners that save time, reduce costs and automate processes. Orasi unveiled OrasiLabs’ latest capabilities to simplify set up, provide direct access and increase collaboration from booth #1025 at DevLearn.

“OrasiLabs can be used independently, or launched through 800+ learning management systems and learning experience platforms, to easily deploy a high quality virtual software application training environment for every industry that improves retention, efficiency and performance,” said Jim Azar, SVP and CTO for Orasi. “OrasiLabs’ interoperability with any technology stack empowers companies with greater flexibility to immediately focus on supporting instructors and training learners to implement business-critical applications.”

Software Application Training Made Simple
Organizations struggle to provide interactive software application training to globally distributed employees, customers and partners that truly drive adoption, reduce costs and increase knowledge retention. While agile, cloud-based, hands-on virtual labs have become a necessity, complex learning and IT environments have put a strain on resources.

OrasiLabs continues to be an easy to use and integrate platform that advances communication and collaboration through a secure and scalable learning lab environment deployable with the flip of a switch. From onboarding to role-based software training to continuing education, OrasiLabs enables the standardization and implementation of software training that ensures real-world, valuable learning experiences tailored to any industry.

“Delivering cloud-based, hands-on training on EHR, HMS, ERP, Medical Billing software and other essential applications that run a healthcare business is essential, regardless of workforce geolocation,” said Anil Pai, Learning Architect for St. Luke’s University Health Network. “OrasiLabs’ ability to engage with and look over the shoulder of virtual learners in real-time, be flexible across the technology stack to launch directly from our LMS, and offer simple browser-based access is unlike anything I’ve yet to see in the training solutions market.”

At DevLearn (booth #1025) Oct. 26-28, Orasi will provide demos on how to deploy a hassle-free, hands-on interactive software application training strategy and platform uniquely tailored to companies, systems integrators and consultants in vertical industries like healthcare, financial services, technology and more. Visit Orasi at DevLearn for information, to access a free 14-day OrasiLabs trial, and to enter to win an Oura Ring activity tracker.

OrasiLabs is a SaaS solution delivered by Orasi Software, a leading DevOps technology and consulting firm, and drives software application training and adoption through interactive on-demand modern learning labs. OrasiLabs saves time, reduces costs and automates processes to simplify application training and provide an enhanced learning experience for everyone.

About OrasiLabs
OrasiLabs is a cloud-based hands-on virtual software application training platform that fills the gaps created by traditional training methods. Its secure, scalable, SaaS-based environment meets the on-demand training needs of any enterprise and its mobile workforce, while reducing a reliance on IT resources. OrasiLabs saves time and costs by automating processes that simplify the delivery of application training for instructors and provides a superior learning experience for students.