The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Tour is an elite road cycling marathon that includes 30+ races over 9+ months. I’ve been following since the February start: October marked the final ride.

An avid cyclist and professional software application trainer, I’ve noticed parallels between those interests. Most notably, cycling is not just about jumping on a bike and moving the pedals but infusing planning into every effort for success.

Cycling-Inspired Software Application Training Method

The phrase, “pedal with your lungs” is well-known by serious cyclers worldwide. It refers to methodical organization and purpose-driven execution to maximize a rider’s ability by channeling the lungs and brain to stretch the limit.

Applying the same concept to software application training improves the efficiency, speed, and ROI of distributed development teams, as well as the educators responsible for knowledge transfer. The most obvious connections that tie cycling to software application training involve seven principles:

1. Map the route

2. Study elevation changes

3. Add waypoints

4. Perform trial runs

5. Shift gears

6. Evaluate at the finish

7. Start again

With a few quick gear changes, I’ll explain why.

Read more in InformationWeek by Joe Schulz, Orasi VP, Emerging Technology.