By: David Hand, VP of DevOps Sales at Orasi Software

Today, organizations are shifting from the passive “presentation” training approach to a more engaging hands-on approach. Cloud-based virtual training labs are proven time and time again to help deliver effective hands-on training through enhanced interaction and collaboration.

Advantages of Virtual Training Labs

  • The connectivity between instructor and learner covers any geographical location.
  • A dependable Internet connection suffices to create an interactive, collaborative bond.
  • The virtual training lab permits access to large audiences.
  • Virtual training labs prove cost-effective and save on expenses related to IT resources, physical travel, etc.
  • These labs simulate real scenarios, thereby helping students to garner better comprehension of complex software.
  • The instructor can monitor, as well as share, multiple screens simultaneously.

Core Criteria for Choosing a Virtual Training Labs Provider

1. Cloud Delivery: The SaaS model is a solid solution for creating virtual training labs. If built and deployed correctly, users of these labs will only require a web browser and an Internet connection.

2. Ease of Use: Virtual labs must be user friendly. Only then will instructors be able to encourage interaction with real-world scenarios and increase knowledge retention for learners.

3. Scalability: Cloud services have three aspects to their attraction. Learners can access them from anywhere (including on-demand). Secondly, the services are flexible in alignment with capacity demands (small/large numbers of students). Finally, they offer the pay-as-you-go models. As a result, it becomes possible for training establishments to cater to current and future demands.

4. Real-Time Collaboration: Real time collaboration with virtual labs allows for an instructor-student experience that is closer to in person instructor lead training. “Over the shoulder” assistance from instructor, combined with traditional conferencing features (screen share, chat, etc.) allows for a more enhanced learning experience for all students.

5.High Performance: The provider of a virtual lab should be able to offer something that ensures an adequate and immediate response from students across the globe. With geographical locations providing no hindrance to learners, productivity is bound to increase.

With OrasiLabs’ robust virtual training platform, you can simplify and automate delivery of hands-on software application training. OrasiLabs’ helps trainers and software vendors grow training programs and revenue opportunities by quickly training and educating more customers, partners, and employees across a distributed workforce.